Maho Izawa
Maho izawa
Maho in the manga
English Maho Izawa
Japanese 井沢 真秀
Hepburn Izawa Maho
Mother  ???
Father  ???
Siblings  ???
Manga  ???
Anime  ???
Voice Actor
Japanese Junko Noda
English Carol Jacobanis

Maho Izawa is the star of her middle school, but she falls out of the limelight when she arrives at Hokuei High School because of Yukino Miyazawa.

Personality Edit

Maho was jealous of Yukino, which mirrors Yukino's jealousy of Soichiro Arima. Maho also mentions that she had feelings of love for Yukino when she first saw her. That feeling changed when she found out that Yukino was not as perfect as she made everyone believe. Her jealousy becomes hatred and she turns the entire class against Yukino. However, it eventually backfires on her and the class turns on Maho. Yukino takes the high road and makes the first efforts to turn Maho into a friend. Maho soon becomes part of Yukino's circle of friends, and although she maintains her aloof attitude, she also eventually learns to cherish the friendships.

Relationships Edit

Yusuke Takashi Edit

During her last year as a middle school student, she falls in love with a 28-year-old dentist named Yusuke Takashi and becomes his girlfriend during high school. She was aware of the "headaches" he had when he rejected her was because Takashi was worrying about Maho and her well-being. She never gave up on him, and when he brought up these "headaches" again, Maho repeated her intended profession—neurosurgery. From that point on, they were together. Takashi is a bit teasing of Maho, but she is aware that the things he does as her boyfriend are to her benefit and of his love. She later marries him, and becomes a doctor at the same hospital as Yukino, as a neurosurgeon.

Yukino Miwazaya Edit

Trivia Edit

Maho is one of the characters to not have her personal life revealed.